The San Diego chapter results for the 2018 Startup Poker 2.0 League Championship are in. Big congratulations to this year’s SD member winner, Jeremy Yamaguchi, who finished with 20.425 point. As you can see below, the top three players were separated by just about one point — so remember, every win matters and landing on 8th place instead of 9th in just one event can make all the difference in the end. So play smart! The entire leader board is below.

It took us a while to get the championship medallions finished but they were worth wait. Here’s what makes this medallion special:

  • 2oz of solid .999 silver.
  • 14 karat gold plated
  • Encrusted with 1 full caret of genuine lab-grown diamonds
  • Marked with the city and the year (reverse side)


2018 San Diego League Leader Board

Name League Points
Jeremy Yamaguchi 20.425
Tim Conroy 19.775
Igor Mameshim 19.325
Chris Isaacson 17.925
Lisa Isaacson 15.9
Ron Harrell 14.375
Emily Rotolo 14.325
David Mashburn 14
Robert Swisher 11.875
Renee Zau 11.475
Sara Cox 10.8
Matt Goldman 10.15
Amy Liu 8.825
Matt McGunagle 8.475
Chris Memmott 7.875
Derek Jouppi 7.125
Steve Brant 6.625
Ben Park 5.95
Ken Orvick 5.65
Ryan Kuder 4.9
Travis Leleu 4.8
Tim Ryan 4.5
Dylan Barbour 4.25
Daniel Marashlian 4.225
Nathan Resnick 4.2
Darryl Rettig 4.125
Jeff Berg 3.975
Ben Capps 3.85
Brett Bernstein 3.825
Mel Gordon 3.75
Ahmet Tok 3.15
Justin Mealey 3.125
Sam Moses 3.125
Nick Venti 2.5
Rebecca Knuth 2.25
Spencer Parikh 2.25
Jessica Sweeney 1.8
Sergey Blyashov 1.75
Tanner Konold 1.75
Mike Lenny 1.575
Scott Molluso 1.25
Zach Liou 1.05
Sarp Sekeroglu 1
Justin Feng 0.8
Rareş Săftoiu 0.75
Matt Sherman 0.7
Will Caldwell 0.625
William Baron 0.375

How League Points are Determined

League points are determined by each member’s three highest finishes, adjusted by the number of players in each event. Since the maximum players is 40, the formula for determining win value is the reverse-place finish times the number of players divided by 40. For example, a 5th place finish in a 16-person event is worth 4.8 points, e.g., (165+1) * (16/40). Alternatively, a 5th place finish in a 32-person event is worth 32.4 points. 

In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the total number of points earned, including all finishes… not just their top three finishes.