December is the month of holiday parties, traveling and running around, so we typically do not host a game. However over the last 11 months we realized just how many small startups are thriving in San Diego, some with remote teams, or teams of 1 and 2, so we decided to host a holiday game!

Thank you to our GoShare Hosts for the space at 101 Broadway we had over 25 players! So much for a slow month!!
We broke the winnings into 4 with Kyle Newman taking first, and our own host Daniel bringing home second!

As we get ready for 2019 we are super excited to be hosting equally between Downtown, Mid and North County to ensure everyone can be involved! We’ve been mixing up the food and drinks and love the continued suggestions on how we can make it better.

My ask of all of you this year! REGISTER for the game! We love that you come, and that you want to bring a friend and grow the community, but we do ask that you register ahead of time, so we ensure we have the amount of food, drinks and playing space for everyone!

See you in January!