This month, we were hosted by Nordic Innovation House in downtown Palo Alto, a wonderful little hub for Nordic startups laying their roots in Silicon Valley. Thank you for hosting us! And as always, a big thank you to our sponsors, WSGR and Colliers, for their continued support. Your dedication to founders is deeply appreciated.

We had a mix of regulars and new faces, including Priy a from the Seattle chapter and Allen from the SF chapter –thanks for popping in, you two!

We discovered that two of us are learning their spouse’s family’s native language. If you’re working on Korean, Ben recommends watching K-drama, specifically Mr. Sunshine on Netflix. Let us know if you have any tips for Ukrainian! We also discussed the success of the Oakland A’s compared to the SF Giants, despite being the teams with the lowest and 2nd highest payrolls, respectively. Seems like there’s a startup lesson in there somewhere.

Congrats to our winners:
1. Eugene
2. Priya
3. Ben

Our next event is Oct. 18, somewhere in Palo Alto. Watch your inbox for an invitation. See you next month!