Our August edition of Startup Poker Silicon Valley was hosted, once again, in Armory’s beautiful office in downtown San Mateo. Thank you, Armory! And thanks to WSGR and Colliers, as always, for their continued support of startup founders.

Conversation this evening covered the usual broad range of startup topics, but also a surprising number of extracurriculars. The night ended with most attendees agreeing to join each other rock climbing, playing chess, and kick boxing! We learned that Yurij’s first Startup Poker, last month, inspired him to start a similarly-themed monthly chess tournament. Shoot us a message if you’re interested, and we’ll put you in touch.

Tonight’s winners were:
1. Eugene
2. Pradeep
3. Yurij

Thanks for attending, everyone. Our next event will be hosted in Palo Alto – keep an eye out for more details.