Think Space is now officially a favorite spot to host Startup Haven events… especially in the summer time. The event space is at water level on Lake Union, literally two steps across the dock to jump on a paddle board — Think Space now owns two such boards that members can use to get some sunshine and some exercise. Think Space founder and sponsor, Peter Chee was on hand to make that offer to Startup Haven members as well.

As an experiment, I hosted a beginners’ table this month. I love poker and I love teaching… so it was a natural. I believe it was a great success. At least two people played who weren’t planning to play that night and both said they were now hooked and couldn’t wait for the next event. We went for five rounds before turning everyone loose on the rest of the tables. We went really slowly and so we didn’t get through a lot of hands, but we went pretty deep into poker tactics and strategy. Everyone seemed to like it a lot but next time, I think we’ll go just two rounds or so of teaching before setting folks loose. I think we’ll also need to switch up the teachers, as it’s pretty exhausting. I’m gonna offer a free buy-in to whoever steps up.

After many months of getting ready to get ready, it was great to have John Flemming from Wells Fargo finally be able to join us. In good form, John and his ‘partner in crime’, Cheryl Ebner, brought nice bottles of libation as bounties. While John didn’t make it to the final table this time around, something tells me he’s a quick study and will be battling to keep his own bounty before we know what hit us.

  • 1st: Chris Bradbury, SWAN, Grubstakes
  • 2nd: Margaret Prescott, Phaant
  • 3rd: Joe Landon, Planetary Resources
  • 4th: Adam Mangone, UserIQ/Hux/NewCo
  • 5th: Kevin Leneway, PSL
  • 6th: Peter Chee, Thinkspace
  • 7th: Adam Gering, Coinz Studio