This month we were back at the Vine! They moved to UTC and are located equally inconveniently for both North County and Downtown founders, however, it’s worth it. The Vine has a tremendous space for founders both for poker or to work out of!

We were lucky to have one of the top accelerators in the country in attendance. We almost didn’t make it out of the welcome elevator pitches and intro’s before founders started hounding Ryan for answers to their questions about Techstars. Good thing they were all able to sit at the table and keep the conversation

going since Ryan never lost! Kuder took the silver coin this month as the winner with Amy close behind in second, beginners luck or strategy she’ll never tell!

Come next month when we are at Desk Hub! — But please RSVP. This is one of the first months ever that food and beverage was almost not enough because we had a lot of +1s. We want to make sure we stock appropriately but can only do that if we know who is coming. And we hope you come, we just want to know about it ahead of time!


  • 1. Ryan Kuder, Techstars
  • 2. Amy Liu, Partners in Life
  • 3. Nathan Resnick, Sourcify