Startup Haven was founded in 2006. Almost 12 years later, we have grown to over 1,600 members in six cities and hosting more than 70 events a year. That’s almost 40,000 emailed invitations and reminders each year — a lot to keep track of!

Eventbrite invites has served this purpose for years but the deliverability of Eventbrite email invitations stinks. We constantly hear from members who say they are no longer receiving the invites even though I know we know that we are still sending them from Eventbrite.

And it’s not just events. From time to time, we have important announcements about Startup Haven that we don’t have a good way to share with you without cluttering your inbox.

We also sometimes come across really great opportunities we’d like to tell you about but, again, we don’t have a good way to do that without clogging your inbox, i.e., getting on your nerves and waisting your time.  If we’ve learned anything in almost a dozen years it’s that serious founders don’t have time for… well, just about anything except their startup and their family. As evidence that we really “get this”, in the past 11+ years we have only sent two emails to members that were not an invitation to one of our members-only events.

To address these challenges, we will now be sending event invitations through a monthly email communication — kind of like a newsletter but with a mission never to waste your time.  This new monthly comms email gives us a way to tell you about things without harassing you with a constant stream of emails.

We are keen to keep all these communications brief and value-add. If we ever fail in that regard, please hit “Reply” to any email you get from us and tell us how we screwed up.

One implication of all of this is that if you ever decide to unsubscribe from the Startup Haven monthly comms email (a totally insane but legal choice), you will no longer receive any event invitations. Unsubscribing is not exactly the same as resigning from Startup Haven, but it’s pretty close.


Bob Crimmins
Founder, Startup Haven