Another super fun and super productive event this month. We were sorry to hear from our scheduled special guest, Annie Luchsinger from Anthos Capital, that she fell under the weather and couldn’t make it. We missed her awesomeness but we will get Annie rescheduled for a future event.

Luckily, I ran into Martin Tobias a few hours before the event and he agreed to join us as an impromptu replacement. Martin is currently the CEO of Bulletproof Labs. Martin is originally from Seattle where he lead the very last company to go public before the tech bubble burst in 2000. Martin has raised hundreds of millions in venture capital in his career, was a partner at one of Seattle’s premier VCs and has invested in over 100 companies as an angel investor. He followed his passion for bio hacking to take on his current role at Bulletproof Labs. If you knew Martin, you wouldn’t be surprised that he took down first place and the silver medallion and I was happy to lose to him. Thanks, Martin, for joining us.

2018-05-22 20.14.18Huge thanks also to Amanda Szabo, founder/CEO of Resort Pass for hosting us again in their really cool space. Two of Amanda’s senior leadership staff joined the game and (quoting Martin) they were definitely “good for the game.”

Congrats to Mark Okoh for securing his 3rd winners medallion for taking down 3rd place. Adding to his 1st and 2nd place medallions, that gives him the honor of the first Grand Slam winner from the LA chapter.

On a personal note, I am delighted to see that we are growing such strong roots in LA, with three Mucker Capital companies and a Mucker associate at the tables.


  • 1st: Martin Tobias, CEO, Bulletproof Labs
  • 2nd: Bob Crimmins, Co-founder, Wise Walker
  • 3rd: Mark Okoh, Founder, OnYourFequency