IMG_1489Ladies for the Win!

This month we were at 101 W Broadway, graciously hosted by GoShare. We started with some big wins this month for our founders, including one founder’s transitions to the other side of the table post acquisition to angel investor, product launches, panelist for San Diego Startup Week, and rounds closing. It set the stage for a fun night!

Male or Female there is no difference we are all founders, and that level of respect has never waveredIMG_9831 at San Diego’s Founders Poker.

However — I’ll throw gender into the conversation today because the female founders represented this month!

Out of the 20 players we had 4 women, 2 made it to the final table— and those two came in First and Second place. Female Founders for the win!IMG_9074


  • 1st. Renee Zau – Donation Match
  • 2nd. Emily Rotolo – SimpleForms
  • 3rd. Tim Ryan – Lab Fellows