2018-04-26-19.16.31 (1)

In the game of poker, a “full house” is powerful. The same is true for Poker 2.0: last night was a full house… and that was powerful. The energy came both from the sheer number of attendees (~65) and the fact that our special guest was one of the premier VCs in Seattle, Jason Stoffer from Maveron. Jason’s prezo was perfect, with lots of real-world examples of the insights he shared. Thanks, Jason!

Big thanks to Peter Chee for again hosting at ThinkSpace. What a fantastic space. Peter also made the announcement of a new membership program for Startup Haven members. Namely, all Startup Haven members receive 30% off of2018-04-26 22.39.00 (1) the regular ThinkSpace co-working package and 10% off of discreet office spaces. There is no better deal available so if you’re looking for a place to work, look no more.

  • 1st: Mark Dorsey, Bonanza.com
  • 2nd: Katrina Glogowski, Green Flower
  • 3rd: Chris Bradbury
  • 4th: Erik Jansen, JRNB