Will Caldwell & Dizzle/SnapNHD hosted Startup Poker in January. They recently moved into a beautiful office in La Jolla with a great view of the Ocean and the San Diego sunset.

There were some new faces to the game, with some IMG_0236really cool businesses being ran in San Diego, from a back-of-house e-commerce platform, to an app that connects you to people in town that have similar interests to go do fun things around town!

Igor Mameshin had an early dominate lead, and once we hit the final table, one after the next would fall to his chip lead.

  • 1st: Igor Mameshin
  • 2nd: Lisa Isaacson
  • 3rd: Ron Harrell

Thank you again to Dizzle/SnapNHD for hosting, and looking forward to the February games!