2017-12-12 19.36.51 I can never predict in advance whether a holiday event will be a full house or an ‘intimate’ gathering. This year it was full house — every poker seat was filled and then some. Adding to the festivities, we had Rounders streaming in the background. One word: Oreos.

We also debuted the new Poker 2.0 tshirts, giving one away to anyone who hit a high hand of quads or bigger. Quads is a big hand indeed and it would be unusual to have even one of them in a night. There were THREE quad hands!

Thanks to Galvanize for hosting us and to Colliers for bringing an extra bottle of wine as a bounty. Note to self, bring more wine next time. WSGR couldn’t make it in person but they were there in spirit and we’re grateful for their support.

2017-12-12 22.17.591 Adam Gerring, Founder, Uncommon Social
2 Ethan Schaffer, Serial Founder, CSO, Consider.it
3 Mitch Eggers, Angel Investor
4 Even Hiner, Founder, Prolaera
5 Ken Glass, Angel Investor
6 Ken Kranseler, Startup Advisor
7 Nick Denney, CTO, API Metrics1 Mitch Eggers, Angel Investor
2 Ken Glass, Angel Investor
3 Liz Koser, Serial Founder, Biz Dev, Keepe