Hacker Dojo hosted our Silicon Valley game this month. As a former Dojo member myself, it was great to see the hacker spirit going strong at the awesome new space in Santa Clara. We appreciate the Dojo’s hospitality, and the support of all our sponsors – we couldn’t do this without you.

The downpour and resulting traffic made this game an intimate affair with only two tables at the start, but the folks who made it came to play! The theme for the night was, “bad news come in 3s” – 3s drove an eye-popping number of power shifts, with several folks taking the chip lead with a pair or set of 3s (high card “3” never held up, fortunately).Silicon Valley - 11.16.17

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Roopnath Grandhi – 1st – it’s always great when a newcomer takes home the win!
  • Rajeev Prasad – 2nd
  • Eugene Otto – 3rd
  • David Wang – 4th

In December, the Silicon Valley and SF games will be combined into a single holiday event. Join us in San Francisco on Dec. 14th at a location yet to be determined.

See you next month!

PS – we were all sad to see TechShop closing down last week. Before the game, we met a couple TechShop folks who were migrating their operations to Hacker Dojo. If there are any TechShop members here, the Dojo’s Makerspace (https://www.hackerdojo.com/Makerspace) might be able to fill the void.