Congratulations are in order. Bryan Trussel has been a Startup Haven member since he first founded Glympse back in 2008. Like most startups, Glympse started from Bryan’s kitchen table; but he and his have grown Glympse into one of the great Seattle startup stories. Bryan recently took on the Board Chair role and recruited a new CEO to carry on Glympse’s growth.
2017-10-26 16.17.21
Far from Bryan’s kitchen table, Glympse now occupies a gorgeous space in the heart of Capital Hill and a terrific venue for our events. Thanks, Bryan, for your generosity. We love hosting events there!
Speaking personally, it was a big night for me and for Startup Haven. We announced the Seattle launch of Founder To Founder Forum. All Seattle founder members should have received a link to claim your account. If you are a Seattle founder member and didn’t receive your invitation, shoot me an email and we’ll get that sorted out.
We also announced the launch of our “vouch” recruiting program. Haven grown a critical mass community, I believe we are now in a position to help startups by helping them build teams. If your startup is hiring or if you know of any great candidates you would be willing to vouch for, you should check this out.
2017-10-26 22.00.53
Small Money Pot Winners
1) Jon Herlocker, Founder/CEO, Tignis
2) Bryan , Founder/Chairman, Glympse
3) Gideon Sylvan, Founder/CEO, Pellego
4) Daniel Joy, Director, Logic Matter
5) Manuj  Bahl, Co-Founder/CTO, DocGrok
6) Nick Denny, CTO, API Metrics
Big Money Pot Winners
1) Bryan , Founder/Chairman, Glympse
2) Gideon Sylvan, Founder/CEO, Pellego
3) Stephen Medawar, Founder, CreatedInSeattle