IMG_5008Thanks to Geli for hosting us this month!  In addition to a great space, good food, free beer and wine and fantastic game of poker, we had a awesome group of founders and investors in attendance. The theme of the night was “who can win the most with the Ace high!”  One of our fearless chapter directors, Will Hubbard, almost got to the top of the winner’s podium but got blasted back to 2nd place when Cory Bray spiked a pair of 5′ for the win.
Winners Circle:
Cory Bray (1st – middle- ClozeLoop)
Will Hubbard (2nd- left- chemisense)
Jamie Huie (3rd – right – WSGR)
Thanks to everyone who came out. If you could make it out this month, we’ll look forward to see you next month!