San Diego 2It was one of the larger outings we’ve had in San Diego in a while, hosted by the fantastic University Club. There were some special guests in the house, invited guests (entrepreneurs, not founders, but Chick-fil-A franchise guys), so it was fun to hear same problems as a business owner but a different perspective. We also had the most big-money people in a while! First place happened to be a bog-money player too, and he won $500 cash!  Also, Wilson threw in a sweet thermos, we have those amazing silver coins, and Ahmet threw in a onesie from his company!
San Diego


The winners of the night:
1st: Randy Apuzzo (Zesty)
2nd: Lisa Isaacson (NuLEDs)
“River” Randy caught a runner-runner 2-4 on the turn & river to get 2-pair to win the tournament.


final handThanks to everyone who joined, and a special thanks to our sponsor! If you’re a full time growth founder and you’d like to get on the invite list, you can apply for membership here.
Until next time,
Bryan and Daniel