Last week’s event was big!  seattle1

Not only did we have a capacity crowd, but a wait list of 20 poor souls who didn’t even make it in!

(We’re working on fixing that.)

It was a spectacular event with views from the top of the tallest building in the Northwest.


Our special guest for the night was Nick Huzar, founder and CEO of Offer-Up.  Offer-Up is currently one of the hottest startup in Seattle. Nick kicked off the event and took a few minutes to share his founding story.  This included some of the early trials and tribulations he and his team faced getting Offer-Up off the ground — and there were plenty. He also “offered-up” some great advice for other founders.

Here were some of my favorite pieces of advice Nick had to offer:

Nick Offerup

 ·       Early on, spend every dollar like it’s your last. Invest only in those things that you have confidence will move the business forward in the most important ways. 

·       Raising capital is hard… especially in Seattle and especially in Seattle for consumer-oriented startups. Solve that by “getting on a plane to Silicon Valley.” Actually, plan to get on lots of planes to Silicon Valley.

·       Use Angel List to source relevant investors and then reach out, simply and concisely, through LinkedIn to ask for meetings. Stack up those meeting three or four deep for a couple of days… and jump on a plane.  It is a numbers game.

In the early days of Offer-Up, Startup Haven didn’t have an event in San Francisco to help Nick build his network down there. As you schedule investor meetings in SF, try to schedule your trip around when a Startup Haven event is happening – It will give you an instant founder/investor network… just add poker.



2017-05-25 22.42.27


1st – Joel Paston
2nd – Michael Roupp – Principal, Roupp Acquisitions
3rd – Daniela Tudor, Co-founder/CEO,
4th – Chase Nobles, Co-Founder, Kush Tours
5th – Tim Tiscornia – President, Silverdraft Supercomputing
6th – Peter Leonard, Founder/CEO
7th – Sergiu Costin, Co-Founder/CEO, Lucia Costin Designs

Big Pot Winners:
1st – Geoff Simons, Next-gig Phase
2nd – Jason Gurney, Zillow

See you next time!