Monthly Blog Posts are officially back and in full swing!

I want to take this opportunity to explain my plan for the future of these posts and how our readers can help!

IMG_6150To start, I will be reviewing the overall event, and game to include results. Secondly, I want to reach out to our amazing founders to interview and feature your company. Please reach out to me at to get on my radar and I’d love to set up some time to grab a coffee or a pint. Lastly, I will be talking about our upcoming game.

With all that said, our last game on 5/18 was an absolute blast. We had the privilege of having our event at the new Cloudability office as well as have Mat Ellis being our guest speaker. We’ve recently changed our format around to emphasize the founder to founder networking as well as adding more value to the event. We ended the founder dinner with a great tournament with 19 people in the game. Here’s how the winners stacked up:

1st – Joe Barett
2nd – Joshua YoungIMG_6161
3rd – Chris Weitz
4th – Monica Borrell

We’ve recently introduced some really awesome 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize medallions — 1st place is 2 oz. of pure .999 silver! So, yeah… the cash prize is awesome to win, but now it’s also about the bragging rights for taking down one of the medallions!

Our June event will be at Digital Trends, so watch your inbox for your invitation and RSVP for your seat at the tables. If you’re a full time growth founder and you’d like to get on the invite list, you can apply for membership here:

Till next time,

Brandon Cannady