It was a BIG night — really big hands, really big pot and some really bad beats.  Three four of a kinds in one night is unheard of — t’s rare to have even one.  And two of the we’re quad jacks.  I always hear the stories of bad beats when folks come over to rebuy.  My ears were bleeding more than usual this time.  So many rebuys helps explain why the pot was so big, which was definitely a top-5 all time big pot!


  1. Jo Masterson, Founder, 2Morrow
  2.  Kwaku Sefa-Dedeh, Founder/CEO, HomeVibe
  3. Brandon Masterson, Founder/CEO, 2Morrow
  4. Tony Ford, Colliers
  5. Matthew Clise, CTO, Kush Tourism
  6. Eric Fogel, CEO, Radish Medical Solutions
  7. Bryan Trussel, Founder/CEO, Glympse