2014-06-19 19.47.59

Thanks to the team at 500 Startups for hosting us in their new SF offices.  They’re still unpacking boxes but it’s not hard to imagine the great vibe that will be flowing once the first cohort moves in later this summer.

It was a great crowd with plenty of regulars and some new faces as well.   The big winner – of pretty much everything – was Amir Hirsch.  In addition to winning both the small pot and the big pot, he also won the Rounder’s DVD drawing and both of Colliers’ bounties, taking down two nice bottles of scotch!  

2014-06-19 19.47.13

Sponsors make all that beer and awesome Thai food possible.  A huge thanks to Kellam Nelson and Nick Polsky from Colliers International for again sweetening their bounties with a couple nice bottles of scotch.

Michael Brown from Fenwick & West couldn’t make it this time around but his support is appreciated all the same.

Please say thanks to all our sponsors when you see them and give them a chance to help you out if you’re looking for space or a lawyer.   

2014-06-19 19.46.13

Small-dog Pot:

1st) Amir Hirsch, Founder, Flying Selfie
2nd) Sasha Eslami, Founder, Eversnap
3rd) Bernard Hueng, Growth Hacker, 42 Floors
4th) Neil Joglekar, Co-Founder, ReelSurfer
5th) Kellam Nelson, Colliers (Sponsor)
6th) Nick Polsky, Colliers (Sponsor)

2014-06-19 19.46.05

Big-dog Pot

1st) Amir Hirsch, Flying Selfie
2nd) Bernard Hueng, Growth Hacker, 42 Floors
3rd) Kellam Nelson, Colliers (Sponsor)