2014-04-24 19.31.28It was good to be back at SURF Incubator this month.  Thanks to SURF’s founder, Seaton Gras, for supporting Startup Poker 2.0.  And congrats, Seaton, on your nomination for this year’s GeekWire Geek of the Year!

The pre-event mingle was classic Poker 2.0 — dozens of entrepreneurs and investors schmoozing it up big time.  Don’t get me wrong… I love playing poker with this crowd.  But the 45 minutes of networking before we start is my favorite part of the night because it’s so easy to see connections forming and relationships building.

I’m usually scrambling around trying to get the tables, poker chips and food setup before it’s time to make announcements; but I was early for a change and so I even found myself more deeply engaged in conversation than usual… and so we got a late start on poker despite getting everything setup early.  Doh!  My bad.

Another favorite part of the night: three women at the tables… and one of them, Jo Masterson of 2Morrow, took home the second place money!  Kudos also to Anna Steffeney of LeaveLogic for making a deep run in her first ever Poker 2.0.  Anna was just barely outside the money… which I trust she’ll remedy sometime soon.

Thanks to Wilson Sonsini for their continued support of Startup Poker 2.0.

Here’s how it all went down….

Small-dog Pot:

2014-04-24 22.28.39 1st) Bob Crimmins, Founder, MoonTango
2nd) Jo Mastersone, Co-founder, 2Morrow
3rd) Erik Jansen, Founder, JRNB, Inc.
4th) Adam Gering, Managing Director, Eastside Incubator
5th) Ryan Waliany, Founder, KitchenBowl
6th) Chris Bradbury, Angel Investor
7th) Andy Mui, Softlayer  

Big-dog Pot

1st) Erik Jansen, Founder, JRNB, Inc.
2nd) Ryan Waliany, Founder, KitchenBowl
3rd) Chris Bradbury, Angel Investor