We’ve been remiss in updating the San Diego Poker 2.0 blog since we revamped the website, so we have three months of events to report on. This week’s Poker 2.0 event was a family affair, with the first place winner from March, John Lynch of Kaleo, taking first place again; and our sponsor Dan Koeppen of Wilson Sonsini taking second place.

Everybody now

The pot was extra sweet this time, with a Chromecast donated by David Allison of Google added to the first place winnings.  The team from HouseCall also added a $100 and $50 discount for HouseCall home service credits to the first and second place winnings.

Here’s how it turned out for April’s winners:

1st Place: John Lynch of Kaleo Software

2nd Place: Dan Koeppen of sponsor Wilson Sonsini

3rd Place: Travis Leleu of Industrial Interface

4th Place: Arie Trouw of Webble

Winners Circle

March winners:

1st Place:  John Lynch of Kaleo Software

2nd Place: David Allison of Google

3rd Place: Sasha Kachiyan of BrightScope

4th Place: Matt Goldman of SmallHQ

Winners Circle March


February winners:

1st Place: Manshu Agarwal of Spritzr

2nd Place: Daniel Marashlian of RapidEngage

3rd Place: Jeff Berg of Ministry Centered Technologies

4th Place: Francis Costello



Congratulations to all of our recent winners! Big thank you to  HouseCall for bringing a keg of Racer 5 IPA to share. And a huge shout out to Wilson Sonsini for their awesome sponsorship.