_MG_7403Last night, for the first time ever, 30 San Francisco startup founders, execs and investors sat around poker tables and had a blast.  I was blown away by the caliber and character of the attendees and the vibe was awesome.

Best of all, I saw the same magic I see at every Poker 2.0: serious founders and investors connecting personally and professionally with their peers.  It was easy to overhear conversations around the room of the form, “yeah, we should talk… let’s connect next week.”  That’s what it’s all about.

But despite the similarities, San Francisco definitely distinguished itself as bigger risk takers at the poker tables, with more “big-money” buyins than I’ve ever seen.

2014-03-06 22.37.20

The result: a serious pile of dough split between the winners.  And here they are:

1st: Danielle Morrill, Founder/CEO, Mattermark
2nd: Yuran Lu, Co-founder, ZeroMailer
3rd: David Hehman, Chairman, Spartina
4th: Matt Berman, Distribution Hacker, 500 Startups
5th: Vas Natarajan, Accel Partners
6th: Hany Rashwan, Founder/CEO, Ribbon.co
7th: Bob Crimmins, Founder, Startup Poker 2.0/MoonTango

Check out this
video clip on Eversnap will give you an idea of the action last night: Danielle vs. Dave… All In!  You see the entire photo gallery on Eversnap here.

Danielle vs. David, All In

Massive gratitude to our official Startup Poker 2.0 host, Danielle Morrill, and to her partner in crime, Andy Sparks for ensuring that the event went off without a hitch.  

Poker 2.0 is possible because of sponsors who “get it”.  Massive thanks to Jay Sternberg and Kellam Nelson from Colliers International and Michael Brown and Sam Angus from Fenwick & West.  All four had bounties on their heads and were great sports.  Jay and Kellam stepped up big time by offering up a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue (yes, that’s the really good stuff) for knocking them out… and an extra cash prize if you knocked them out with the ace of spades in your hand.  Matt Berman and David Hehman grabbed the bottles but the only ace of spades involved was in Kellam’s hand when he got knocked out!  Kudos to Matt for sharing his bottle with the rest of us!


In addition to hosting us at there offices in the Mission, Mattermark offered up a sweet bottle of Balvenie 16-year-old as a final table prize and Yuran picked that one up.  Luckily we all got a taste of that one too — thanks Yuran!

Thanks also to Gagan Biyani at Sprig for feeding the crowd with some really delicious food.  The food and the chocolate truffles were amazing!

This is just the beginning and I’m looking forward to many great games ahead.  See you all soon!

Bob Crimmins
Chief Poker Instigator