After eight years of running continuously in Seattle, more than a year running in Portland and about eight months running in San Diego, I am over-the-top delighted to announce that Poker 2.0 is now launching in San Francisco.  There’s a lot to be excited about.

Firstly, this is city number four.  Wow.  Cool.

Why cool? Well, by all accounts, Startup Poker 2.0 has made a tangible positive impact in Seattle, Portland and San Diego.

What’s tangible?  That means founders learned from each other, got answers to hard questions, found co-founders, found partners, found investors.  They blew off steam with their startup colleagues; they shared the good times and they shared the hard times.  They created new, meaningful and lasting relationships.  It’s my hope that Poker 2.0 does the same thing for the San Francisco startup ecosystem.

I’m so grateful to have Danielle Morrill, founder and CEO of Mattermark) as our official Poker 2.0 ambassador and host.  I’ve known Danielle since she was employee number one at Twilio back when they were headquartered in Seattle in 2009.  Danielle played in one of the early Poker 2.0 events back then… and she took down first place without breaking a sweat.   Needless to say, she knows her way around a poker table.  How fitting that she steps up years later to usher in a new era of Poker 2.0 in San Francisco.  Thanks Danielle!

I’m also grateful for our lead sponsors, Colliers International and Fenwick & West.  These folks stepped up to support Poker 2.0 and San Francisco startups before we even had the first event scheduled.  As a community driven and sponsor supported event, Poker 2.0 has been so fortunate to have the help of such fantastic local hosts and sponsors.  Poker 2.0 would be utterly impossible without their generous assistance.

Finally, I’m psyched to have a reason to spend a bit more time in the City.  As a northern California native, I have a soft spot for SF and now I have an excuse to pop down now and again and play poker with the SF startup community.

If you’re a San Francisco startup founder, exec, or investor and you’d like to get on the invite list, just enter your info into this super simple form and we’ll get back to you.

See you at the tables!

Bob Crimmins
Chief Poker Instigator, Seattle