January's Poker 2.0 attendees

With a pot size approaching $1,000 and the biggest attendance so far, January’s Poker 2.0 in San Diego was a blast. We also welcomed nine newcomers! 

As always, we welcomed our sponsors, Damon Melda of Jones Lang LaSalle, and Dan Koeppen of Wilson Sonsini law firm, by putting bounties on their heads. This time, it took more than five rounds to felt them.

Several players have brushed the dust off their poker skills since Poker 2.0 started in San Diego in July 2013. The night’s play was pretty aggressive, amassing dozens of re-buys. A couple people re-bought more than eight times!

The winners

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:

1st Place: Dave Churchville of Embarke

2nd Place: Daniel Marashlian of RapidEngage

3rd Place: Tanya Maslach of GOTRIbal

4th Place: Chris Zwickilton of HouseCall

5th Place: Arie Trouw of Webble and Tech Coast Angels member

Usually 5th place is the “bubble”–the last person to not win any money. But this time, Arie took home $2 in quarters, thanks to someone’s buy-in that apparently came from their couch cushions!

Thanks again to our sponsors Damon Melda of Jones Lang LaSalle and Wilson Sonsini. Please share the love with a tweet!

The final table