FullBlackBrandedOur host this month was the Columbia Tower Club, perched atop the tallest building in Seattle.  Wow.  What a place.   The ambiance, the food, the service… all outstanding.  The Club underwent a $3.5M makeover about a year ago and shed it’s stuffy old ‘gentlemen’s club’ attitude and transformed itself into a sophisticated and swanky meeting place for business and pleasure.  We were doing both last night and the venue struck the perfect chord.


I had some experience with Club membership a number of years ago, long before the transformation.  Honestly, I would never have thought of the old Club membership as a serious option for early stage companies.  But I’ve learned that the new Club can be a great opportunity.  Their co-working, parking and facility benefits are a great a value and the quality is mind blowing.

Long-time Poker 2.0 devote and CEO of Affinity.IS, Dan Todd, is a member of the Club and used the space for his and his team’s virtual office.  Dan gave a pretty compelling testimony to the crowd.  A special thanks to our Club partners in crime Tommy, Darrell and Brie for their extraordinary hospitality.  If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to Darrell at the Club and he’ll hook you up with all the deets.


We were stacked just a tad over capacity with 48 players.  That means more money in the pot, more trash talk and more bad beat stories at the rebuy table… and as usual there were plenty!  I wish I had a buck for every pair of cracked aces and busted straights I’ve seen over the past eight years.

This was Jimmy Kwan’s final Seattle event as a sponsor.  We’re grateful for all the support that Turnstone Furniture has provide to the Seattle community this past year or so.  Jimmy, thanks… it’s been a pleasure to have you at the tables.  You can still catch Jimmy at the tables at the Portland Poker 2.0 events for a while, as Turnstone continues to participate as a sponsor down there.


Thanks to James Gannon for representing, Wilson Sonsini, one of our longest-term and most devoted sponsors.  It was James’ first time at a Poker 2.0 and he made it to the final table.  Nice job James… let’s see if you can make it into the money circle next time!

Not sure if it was the hosted bar or the intoxicating truffle tater tots, but there was a LOT of action last night and a commensurately big pot.  1st and 2nd place also took home copies of the movie Rounders and Phil Gordon’s instructional DVD.  Here are the money winners.

Small-dog Pot:

1st) Felix Livni, Founder/CEO, Schedulista
2nd) Eric Fogel, Founder (former), Emergent Detection
3rd) Jacqueline Puzas, Founder/CEO, Pawlyte
4th) Georges Khoury, Founder, Attendible
5th) Herman Calabria, Founder, UserNest
6th) Daniel Todd, CEO, Affinity.IS

Big-dog Pot

1st) Eric Fogel, Founder (former), Emergent Detection
2nd) Jacqueline Puzas, Founder, Pawlyte
3rd) Herman Calabria, Founder, UserNest
T4th) Brewster Stanislau, Co-founder/CEO, InsideSocial
T4th) Andrew Rogers, CTO, SpaceCurve