2013-12-19 19.59.13

The holidays are usually a bit of crap shoot when it comes to Poker 2.0.  Over the years, we’ve had December events with 80 attendees and we’ve had events with 15 attendees.  But it’s unusual to have the typical four-table showing like we did this month.  I’m not complaining… four full tables is a great number!  We even had a couple of newbies that made this their very first event.

In the spirit of the holiday, we had eggnog and a bottle of Hennessy cognac on hand.  We had lots of eggnog left over at the end of the night but the Hennessy was all but gone.  Clearly we had more Hennessy fans that eggnog fans.

As you know, we start every event with an opportunity for players to make an announcement to the crowd.  For those that take us up on the offer and make an announcement, they get an extra chip bonus.   The announcement run the gamut from “we just closed our round” to “we’re looking for an iOS developer” to “we just broke through to revenue” to “I’ve decided to shut down my startup and look for another opportunity”.

This month we had a number of great announcements but I have a favorite… maybe a favorite of all time.  Steve H announced that he recently made is first ever angel investment in a company that he met and got to know through Poker 2.0.  That in itself is terrific.  But what makes it even more terrific is that Steve was on the receiving end of an angel invest himself a couple of years ago… from and angel that he met at a Poker 2.0 event.

2013-12-19 22.05.52

Thanks to SURF Incubator for hosting us in the newly-launched Dice Cabana space — it ‘s a great venue for Poker 2.0 events and if you need space for an event or board meeting of your own, you should definitely reach out to them.

Thanks Wilson Sonsini for their continued support.  I was pleased to announce (and get my bonus chip) that WSGR has also taken on sponsorship in both San Diego and Los Angeles!

Thanks to Turnstone Furniture for all their support (especially Jimmy Kwan) over the past year.  Turnstone’s Seattle sponsorship is wrapping up next month and we’ll miss Jimmy at the tables.  I’m pulling for him to make his way into the winners circle in January!