IMG_20131204_181153_403December’s Poker 2.0 event was the first event StartUp San Diego hosted in our new collaborative office space. It was a great way to christen the place—and motivate us to finally bring the kegerator over from our old office. Thanks for rolling the beast across downtown, Bevato team!

We also had lots of first-timers. Hopefully they whet their whistle for poker action in future months!

Kelly Abbott spoke about “The 10% Pledge,” a social contract among startup founders and investors to invest 10% of any exit back into San Diego startups. If you’re committed to giving back to San Diego, please sign the pledge! Kelly will be the first founder to make good on his own pledge—congratulations on the acquisition of Realtidbits by Livefyre, Kelly!

As always, we welcomed our sponsor, Adam Shipley of Sheppard Mullin, by putting a bounty on his head. Adam held out longer than any other bounty target so far—we were in our fifth round before Mark Caldwell from Apmetrix felted him


Here’s how it turned out for the winners:  

 1st Place: Al Bsharah of Embarke

2nd Place: Mark Caldwell of Apmetrix

3rd Place: Daniel Marashlian of RapidEngage

4th Place: Summer Rogers of nPruv

5th Place: Rares Saftoiu of Shopventory

Our challenge to investors didn’t work—everyone who placed was an entrepreneur. Maybe they need time to warm up.  Startup investors, we are waiting to GIVE you our money. Please, take our money!


Thanks again to our sponsor Sheppard Mullin. Please share the love with an email to or a tweet to @SheppardMullin!