October’s Poker 2.0 event was the best in San Diego yet! We had a big crowd and even more first-timers. We expanded to four tables, and the pot size was very respectable.

Whole group-crop

Many people had good news to share with everyone before the tournament. We’re watching these startups and our community grow before our eyes, and it’s so exciting to be a part of it!


Especially of note was Kelly Abbott’s unveiling of “The 10% Pledge,” a social contract among startup founders and investors to invest 10% of any exit back into San Diego startups. If you’re committed to giving back to San Diego, please sign the pledge!

As always, we welcomed our sponsor, Damon Melda of Jones Lang LaSalle, by putting a bounty on his head. Darryl Rettig of DonationMatch felted Damon handily before we even rotated tables. Like a good sponsor, Damon bought back in and was able to ride his wave all the way to fourth place.

Final Table crop

Oct Poker winners crop

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:

1st Place: Shawn Elizabeth Bridgeman of Embarke

2nd Place: Blair Giesen of PopChatr and U-T San Diego’s Startup Scene Column

3rd Place: Adam Riggs-Zeigen of Rock My World

4th Place: Damon Melda of sponsor Jones Lang LaSalle

5th Place: Ray Bertrand of sponsor Paul Hastings

In the two events since we threw down the gauntlet, women have taken the first place prize twice! Let’s see if a new challenge will work—startup investors, this time we want to GIVE you our money. Please, take our money!

Mel Gordon

Thanks again to our sponsors Damon Melda of Jones Lang LaSalle and Paul Hastings. Please share the love with an email to Damon.Melda@am.jll.com  or a tweet to @Paul_Hastings!