First off, kudos to the great crowd that suffered through hellish Mariners traffic and sacrificed one of the few remaining sunny summer evenings to mix it up at the tables at SURF Incubator.  We ended up a bit lighter on players than usual but I gotta say the player announcements at the beginning were the best in a long time — at least a dozen players made announcements and there were some really awesome ones.

2013-08-27 19.37.03

Again this month, we had some Poker 2.0 virgins and some old salty dogs.  it’s great to have both, especially the newbies… who with time will become the salty dogs.

Cheers to Jacquie Puzas for representin’ for the ladies.  Nice job finishing in the money on the big-bet pot!

Speaking of big bets, the new multi-tier buyin structure worked great again this month; and since the big pot players were the most prolific group of rebuyers, they split a hefty side pot.  Some final tweaks on the process over the next couple of sessions and we’ll be ready to roll out the big pot option to the other Startup Poker 2.0 cities.

2013-08-27 21.54.42

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:

1st Place: Lew Mcmurran, WTIA
2nd Place: Bobby Bertsh, Geniusdelivery
3rd Place: Kevin Chau, Stride
4th Place: Erik Jansen, JRNB Inc.
5th Place: Bob Crimmins, MoonTango

2013-08-27 19.36.54

I was very glad to see our good friend, Jimmy Kwan from Turnstone Furniture, make it to the final table tonight.  I’m not saying that I feel bad for busting him out and claiming his bounty… but let’s just say that if he’d have busted me out then I would have been rooting for him to go all the way.  Jimmy has been a terrific supporter of Startup Poker 2.0 and a lot of fun at the tables.

2013-08-27 19.36.06

And as always, please say thanks to last our generous sponsors:

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Windows Azure

SURF Incubator

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