We had a great time at Upstart Labs great Pearl District office. We got a good mix of old and new faces in the 6th Portland event in as many months.

Portland July Winners

Chip guards on our heads 🙂

As the event moves around Portland we see different aspects of the startup community and it’s members. This has set the tone for sponsors and locations alike to step up and help sponsor and host this amazing event. If you are interested in helping keep these events diverse in location or sponsor please connect with Tyler Phillipi directly. If you simply want to attend you can contact Tyler directly or apply online to get the regular invites.

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:

1st Place: Nicholas Erler, Co-Founder of Local Plate
2nd Place: Daniel Reeves, Co-Founder of Beeminder

3rd Place:
Bethany Soule, Queen Bee or Co-founder/CTO of Beeminder 
4th Place: Tyler Phillipi, Portland Poker Instigator and Co-founder of OnTheGo Platforms

If you didn’t notice, we had a co-founder duo from Beeminder take 2 of the top 3 spots. So how did they do it? Well Daniel, in his first time EVER playing poker (or so he says), completely mopped the floor with our entire table with only him and myself making it to the final table from our group. While Bethany, who reluctantly played after much encouragement, was the chip leader of her table before going to the final table. It just goes to show you, that no matter your skill level you can come, have fun and WIN at this incredible poker event!

Speaking of incredible poker events, our little group grew this month as the San Diego Startup Poker 2.0 group came online! The Portland players would like to say welcome to our neighbors to the south and their ambassadors Bryan Hall and Shawn Bridgeman. Welcome!

Greg getting knocked out of the July Poker Tournament

Greg Rau on a “bad beat”

And as always, please say thanks to last night’s sponsors… and share your love with a little tweet:http://clicktotweet.com/JU0c7

Turnstone Furniture

Upstart Labs

OnTheGo Platforms

Tyler Phillipi – Portland Chief Poker Instigator