Tuesday night was a blast! We had a great turnout at the Embarke office (which they share with TapHunter, Fashioning Change, and Membright) for our first Poker 2.0 event in San Diego.IMG_8842

The beer flowed smoothly, thanks to the TapHunter office kegerator. Melani Gordon, CEO of TapHunter and one of the two women playing, played ten rounds with no wins, but turned her luck around in a rebuy and made it to the final table. On the other hand, no matter how hard he tried, Steven Cox (CEO of TakeLessons) couldn’t lose a hand. Toward the end he was pushing heavy on every hand until David Allison of Nulu stopped him in his tracks.

We love our sponsor—so to thank them we put a bounty on Eric Otterson’s head (of our sponsor Cooley LLP). Sean Callahan of SlimSurveys won the bounty by taking Eric out halfway through the evening, touching off a raucous celebration across the tables.

Thanks for the sponsorship Cooley. We’re glad to see that Steve Przesmicki (a partner at Cooley LLP) won some of that money back! Steve had already been taken out, but he  dug deep, bought back in, and rode it to the final table.

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:


1st Place: Kevin Ball of Fashioning Change
2nd Place: David Allison of Nulu
3rd Place: Steve Przesmicki of Cooley LLP
4th Place: Chris Zwickilton of HouseCall
5th Place: Melani Gordon of TapHunter
6th Place: Bryan Hall of Embarke

It’s too early to tell, but it looks like entrepreneurs are coming out on top of investors when it comes to poker skills. Time to step up your game, investors!

cooleyllplogoThanks again to our sponsor Cooley LLP. Please share the love with a tweet to @CooleyLLP and @VentureConnect!

Bryan and I also owe our gratitude to Bob Crimmins and Kristi Owens for helping us introduce Poker 2.0 to San Diego and getting our first event off the ground. We’re looking forward to many more awesome poker nights!