Last night was crazy fun.  We had a packed house at the fabulous SURF Incubator and there were lots of new faces.

We also experimented with the MVP of a new buyin structure that let the big dogs wrestle with each other without getting slobber all over the rest of us small fish.  It was a hit… and it lead to one of the biggest pots we’ve seen at the monthly events.  We’ll continue to tweak it till it hums then make it an option in the other Startup Poker 2.0 cities.

Here’s how it turned out for the winners:

2013-07-30 22.02.50

1st Place: Adam Gering
2nd Place: Dave Peck
3rd Place: Shane Jones
4th Place: Tony Macias
5th Place: Steve Huson
6th Place: Brodrick Yastrum
7th Place: Karthik Vasudevan

Speaking of other Poker 2.0 cities….  We got a big round of applause when I announced to the Seattle crew that we also launched in San Diego last night!  Huge thanks to Bryan Hall and Shawn Bridgeman of for stepping up to serve as Poker 2.0 ambassadors and instigators in San Diego.   I can’t wait to head down there to sit in on a game and meet some of the San Diego startup community.

And as always, please say thanks to last night’s sponsors… and share your love with a little tweet:

Turnstone Furniture

Windows Azure

Wilson Sonsini

SURF Incubator