20130410_220011Our host for the April Startup Poker 2.0 – Portland event was ISITE Design and our lead sponsor was Turnstone. We had a little bit of a late start because of a hand-full of stragglers but the event went off without a hitch at ISITE Design offices, who coincidentally is working with Turnstone to furnish their new expansion (might wanna verify this Bob)!
Thank you to all the players who participated and help grow this great Portland networking event. Remember to signup now or ping Tyler Phillipi about coming to the next event, even if you don’t participate in the poker it’s a great chance to network.
1st Salih Waritu, Co-Founder, SeeNuu
2nd Rami Kassab, CEO, TypeThink
3rd Andrew Berkowitz, Founder and CPO, TeamSnap