Our hspace1ost this month was The Makers Space, the beautiful co-working space in Belltown. Hands down the winner for coolest interior of all the co-working spaces.

Since everyone has to come to me to get their rebuys, I get to hear all the stories of suck outs and bad beats.  It was definitely a big night for both… and that means a bigger pot at the end of the night!

Congrats to all the money winners and thanks to e2013-03-28 22.31.33veryone who came… it was a great night.

1st Place: Paul Cutsinger, Amazon

2nd: Eric Anderson, CEO, Online Net-Entertainment

3rd: Paul Simons, CEO, iHearNetwork

4th: Brandon Masterson, CEO, 2MorrowInc

5th: Ken Stanfield, CEO, Preebo

6th: Geoff Simons, CTO, iHearNetwork