Ho ho holy cow… what a party that was! If you’ve been following the Poker 2.0 blog for a while you know that I’m always a little reticent to use superlatives but here we go again… it was the best event yet.  And it’s not just me… several long-time players sent me messages after the event saying just that.  Of course, the biggest part of what makes a great Poker 2.0 event is just the energy of the crowd and the connections that are made.  Here’s what else was so great about the event:

  • A record turnout (~ 60)
  • Lots of new faces (at least 10 first-timers)
  • A HUGE pot (not the biggest ever but probably 2nd biggest)
  • The best food to date (it was all good but the tortellini was my fav)
  • An amazing new venue (Tech Dwellers),
  • A Loser’s Lounge with a Rock Band and both Ping and Beer Pong tables
  • Sweet prizes, including a wine caddy (thanks Wilson Sonsini)
  • The first ever custom Poker 2.0 card guards (thanks Bill Leath of Pinnion.com)

A big thanks to our sponsors, Tech Dwellers, Wilson Sonsini and Dealometry!

Wilson Sonsini has been a stalwart supporter for a long time and their continued support as a sponsor make a big difference in the success of

Looser's Lounge

Looser's Lounge

Poker 2.0. The wine gear they provided for this event was a terrific addition to the prize pool and the $20 bounty on Wilson’s own Parag Gheewala was finally snagged up near the end of the night by first place winner, Jay Goldstein.

I can’t say enough about the Benaroya Company’s new Tech Dwellers space in Georgetown and their amazing team that went above and beyond to pull it all together for the Poker 2.0 event.   I’m looking forward to hosting more Poker 2.0 events at Tech Dwellers in the future and their amazing space makes me want to start ten new companies and move them all in there!

Dealometry is a project I’m working on with Nate and Mike Schmidt of DealCoop, the TechStars team that’s building a very powerful cooperative deal model that bring folks with an email list and the ability to sell deals their very own GroupOn site.  The secret sauce for Dealometry is that it’s exclusively focused on deals for guys… and the women who shop for them.  😉   I hope you’ll support Dealometry’s mission and sign up for Dealomety alerts!

Money Winners

Scott Ruthfield, Jeff Khadavi, Jay Goldstein, Parag Gheewala, Carsten Winsnes

And the Winner Are:
$ 1st – Jay Goldstein, COO, AllSeniorHomes.com
$ 2nd – Jeff Khadavi, Founder, GoTime.com
$ 3rd – Parag Gheewala, Partner, Wilson Sonsini
$ 4th – Carsten Winsnes, Founder, SalesatHand.com
$ 5th – Scott Ruthfield, Founder, Rooster Park
$ 6th – Richard Wood, First Hill Advisors
$ 7th – Carson Cole, Investor, Founder, Nuku.com

The pretty pink “1st Out” trophy went to Adam Tratt, founder of the TechStars team, CabinFever.

The top-ten finishers all received the first edition, solid brass Poker 2.0 card

1st Edition Poker 2.0 Card Guard

1st Edition Poker 2.0 Card Guard

guard generously hammered out by Bill Leath, Pinnion.com co-founder and materials engineer par excellence.

A special shout out to a few of the folks who kept the party going in the Loser’s Lounge and helped with the late night clean up: Bryce Baril, Nick Burke, Andrew Choi, Jeff Khadavi, Tyler Phillipi, Tessa Taylor.

Finally, a sincere apology to those folks who missed the event because they ended up somewhere else because of a typo in one of the early invites that went out.