Those who attended last month’s Poker 2.0 got the 411 on the new Poker 2.0 League. In a nutshell, as you participate in Poker 2.0 you’ll now earn points. Why should care about Poker 2.0 points? Because your points will get you access to the coolest of the cool events and best of the best prizes… including:

  • Entrance into special Poker 2.0 invitational events like the Champions Tournament and the Tech Poker Summit.
  • Exclusive, limited edition Poker 2.0 gear.

Here’s how you earn points:

1) Play: Players who attend a Poker 2.0 event will earn points based on how they place in the tournament. First to bust out earns one point, second out earns two points, and so on. If there are a 50 player then first place earn 50 points.

2) Win: The top ten finishers at each event (i.e., the “final table”) earn an additional bonus points starting at 20 points for 1st place and decrementing by two points down to 10th place, to wit: 20 points for 1st place, 18 points for 2nd place, 16 points for 3rd place…. 12 points for 10th place.

3) Bet: If you can’t make it to a Poker 2.0 event, you can still place your bets by trying to pick the winners of the event. If you pick a final table winner, you’ll get half the points they earn! If your player doesn’t make the final table… too bad, so sad. Only authorized Poker 2.0 invitees are eligible to bet.  To place your bet, just tweet the following:

    I bet [@tweet_handle or player_name] is going to win Startup Poker 2.0 #poker20

Betting opens when invites are sent out and will end within 30 minutes of the start of the event, i.e., ~6:45pm, day of. Check your Poker 2.0 invite for the event web site URL to see who’s RSVP’d.

The paint is still wet on the new League so expect some hiccups modifications in the months to come.  If you have ideas about how to make things better AND  please drop me a note.