I know I say this a lot but it’s always true — that last Poker 2.0 event was the best!  Event sponsor, Blue Box Group, shared their offices and rolled out the red carpet for three full tables of Seattle’s best and brightest from among the Seattle startup community.  What made this event so memorable?

Rebecca Lovell, NWEN Director and newby poker temptress made it to the final table and did it with style.

Nicole Donnelly, entrepreneur, author, professional snowboarder, and founder of Internet marketing firm Salty Waffle, introduced Indian leg wrestling to the Losers Lounge.  I’m told there are photos but no one has been forthcoming… stay tuned….

Brayden Olson, co-founder and CEO of virtual world startup, Novel, took home the first-place money, narrowly edging yours truly out for the victory.  More important than the money, Brayden took home the last in the current series of Poker 2.0 t-shirts.  A new t-shirt design is underway.