The most common reason that startup folks tell me they don’t want to come to Poker 2.0 is that they aren’t good poker players… or that they haven’t even played before.  Once I explain to them that no experience is required, the next response is something like “oh, sure… you’d love me to come so you take all my money!”  Then I explain that Poker 2.0 is a networking event, not a World Series of Poker qualifying event.  It’s meant to be a fun, engaging way to meet up with like-minded startup folks.  The stakes are VERY low — only $10 to buy into the tournament and 100% of the buy-ins go directly into the pot to be divided among the winners.  All players get free dinner, all you can drink, 1 to 4 hours (depending on how good or lucky you are or how many times you want to “re-buy” back into the game) hanging out with some of the brightest minds in the startup community… and a chance to win cash and fabulous prizes.  That’s a bargain by any measure and the crowd is friendly and always willing to help newbies improve their poker game.

Thanks to the terrific suggestion of Jennifer Cabala, President and Editor-in-Chief of Seattle 2.0, the April event will be a special beginners event.  It will be the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about poker and have a great time with the startup community at the same time.  If you’ve never been to a Poker 2.0 event but would like to give it a try, shoot me an email at StartupPoker20 <@> gmail dot com.   I will add you to the invitee list for future events.